Alviss AI

Use Artificial intelligence to build models based on your specific business needs, it quantifies the total impact of various drivers and provides the tooling to take make risk-aware decisions. Use this to gain insights and simulate scenarios to optimize your strategy and decrease the risk that you are exposed to.
The next level of Buisness Insight is here!
Move beyond focusing on a single commercial objective, in our holistic approach we can combine multiple us cases into one model. Quantifying the effect of
  • Churn
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales
  • Customer Experience
  • etc.
All at once and tie them all together to the profit generated by the business.

Thus one can actually get a holistic understanding of all commercial activities at once.

The Alviss AI Advantage
We ensures you get ll you need to make it
  • Risk Aware
    Nothing in the world is certain, that is why it is key to have access to proper uncertainty estimates when making decisions in order to find the correct trade offs.
  • Fast Onboarding
    After gaining access it just takes minutes to start getting insights
  • Scales
    Scales to 1000+ KPIs with ease.
  • Self Service
    You can do it all yourself or have us help you to get the insights you need.
  • Real-time insights
    The insights gets updated as soon as new data gets added
  • Privacy-Preserving
    No need for user tracking and cookie matching, our AI extracts the learnings from the raw data without the need for any user tracking.
  • UI with all the info you need
    We provide you with a guided UI experience to ensure you get the maximum out of your insights.
  • API
    Tired of yet another tool to use, connect to your existing tools such as PowerBI directly to our API
Our Customers Normally See
  • 10 - 20%
    Sales increase via pricing tweaks
  • 20 - 40 %
    Increase in effectivness on Marketing
  • 10 - 25 %
    Reduce in churn rate
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