What we do

We provide an AI-powered Business Intelligence platform to help you understand how drivers impact commercial objectives.
The insights you need
Gain valuable insight into your commercial drivers. Such as the expected return, and the associated uncertainty of all commercial activity.

This knowledge enables you to identify the best investments and allocate your resources accordingly on your commercial activities such as media, events, visits, pricing, and sales channels.
Knowledge is power

What does it do?

All your commercial investments have a short and long-term effect on your commercial objectives - the key is to identify when that effect kicks in and how much that effect is for each investment.

Our AI engine uses your historical data such as sales, branding, and marketing data combined with external data such as competitor activities, and macro economical data combined with a brief of how your business functions. Sucht that we can provide a bespoke AI model for your business that provides the insights you need.

The system identifies the unique effect of every investment you do in commercial activities (like media, events, visits, pricing, and sales channels, etc.) in relation to one or more commercial objectives you specify, such as the number of new subscribers, sold units, repurchases, customer lifetime value (CLV), brand value or customer churn.

The system uses this knowledge to explain past and present commercial situations and can simulate future scenarios. At the same time, the system estimates the associated uncertainty in every effect using our next-generation AI technology developed.

What You'll Get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality services
  • Risk Aware
    Nothing in the world is certain, that is why it is key to have access to proper uncertainty estimates when making decisions in order to find the correct trade offs.
  • Fast Onboarding
    After gaining access it just takes minutes to start getting insights.
  • Easy Scaling
    Scales to 1000+ KPIs with ease.
  • Self Service
    You can do it all yourself or have us help you to get the insights you need.
  • Real-time insights
    The insights gets updated as soon as new data gets added.
  • Privacy-Preserving
    No need for user tracking and cookie matching, our AI extracts the learnings from the raw data without the need for any user tracking.
  • UI with all the info you need
    We provide you with a guided UI experience to ensure you get the maximum out of your insights.
  • API Access
    Tired of yet another tool to use, connect to your existing tools such as PowerBI directly to our API.
From Self Service to Full service
We offer a SaaS platform with additional services on top to ensure all your needs are met.
  • SelF Service
    Leverage your internal resources together with the Alviss AI yourself to mange your data, build a model, get insight, and plan scenarios yourself.
  • Full Service
    Ensuring a model has the correct business sanity combined with getting the correct learning are tough. Let us help you all the way ensuring you get the models you need to take your business to the next level.
  • Custom
    Find the right balance between Full Service and Self Service by leveraging your internal capacity as much as possible and get help on the pieces where it is needed.
Machine Learning + Domain Knowledge
= Better decisions
How to use it
Add your data
Give our system access to the data the AI needs
Brief the AI
Explain to the AI about your unique business
The AI analyzes your data
Using your data and your description of your business the AI creates unique model of how your business works
Get access to the insights the AI found based on your data
Compare scenarios
Compare how various future scenarios against one and other.
An end-to-end solution from data to insights to decisions.
Ready for the next step?