What features are available and how do they fundamentally change how you gain insights into your business
Data Management
The ability to manage your own data is key to ensure that it is always correct and up to date.
See everything in one place
Combine data from all the platforms you use into one platform where all stakeholders can see and agree on the data.
Artificial Intelligence Modeling
Having the ability to actually inspect the AI model makes it possible to have confidence and trust in the model and that it is not just a "black box".
Describe business drivers to the AI
Explain to the artificial intelligence engine about your unique business and set up all the correct dynamics in place. Ensure that models are tailored to your business needs.
Get a full breakdown of how the drivers impact the commercial objectives based on your AI model and data.
See what drives your business
Get an understanding of how drivers such as
  • Brand
  • Distribution
  • Macro Economical factors
  • Media Investments
  • Pricing
  • +others
Impacts your defined commercial objectives.
Being able to actually ask the model about various scenarios and compare them against each other makes it possible to gain insight of the optimal actions to take.
Try various scenarios and see what the impact is
Utilize the ability to simulate various scenarios to quickly understand how to best allocate resources. For example, should I increase my spending on media investments or should I use the money to set up more distribution channels to achieve a higher ROI?
Simulate to gain the best outcome and strategy.
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