Understand how to improve your brand awareness
What are the key drivers for your brand awareness?
Learn what business drivers impact your brand awareness the most. Track the outcome of investments into branding to see what the return on investment(ROI) actually was.

Our AI engine gives you insight into how much various drivers contributed to your sales historically but also allows you to compare various scenarios. E.g. what happens if I increase prices by 10%?

Understand your drivers
Get an understanding of the impact of various drivers such as
  • Media Investments
  • Pricing
  • News appearances
Utilize the ability to simulate various scenarios to quickly understand how to best maximize brand awareness.

Compare the impact of a TV campaign against online advertising and understand the return of your investments better.
In today's competitive world, brand awareness is more critical than ever. That is why it is crucial to truly understand what the key drivers are for it.
What sort of questions can be answered with respect to brand awareness?
  • what drives brand awareness, business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Marketing Mix Models, Artificial Intelligence
    What are the biggest levers I have to increase brand awareness?
    Understand how different drivers impact your brand.
  • how does brand awareness impact the rest of the business
    How much does my brand awareness actually impact my sales?
    Having the ability to quantify the impact of branding makes it possible to decide how many resources should be dedicated to it.
  • does brand help with pricing
    Does brand awareness impact pricing power?
    Understand how branding and pricing interact. Has your brand given you the ability to sell goods at a premium?
  • what is the roi on the branding investments, business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Marketing Mix Models, Artificial Intelligence
    What was the ROI on the investments I made on branding?
    Quantify the impact of your branding investments and see how they actually impacted your sales.
  • how to boost your brand awarness
    What is the most effective strategy to boost my brand awareness?
    The ability to simulate various scenarios provides you with knowledge of the best way to boost brand awareness.
  • what if all branding efforts stoped, business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Marketing Mix Models, Artificial Intelligence
    How much would we lose in sales if we stopped putting efforts into branding?
    Measure the impact of your budgeting decisions, such as reducing marketing investments in favour of boosting distribution channels.
Customer Case: Budget Optimization
Sales budget savings of up to 25% compared to existing spending.
Take it to the next level
Move beyond focusing on a single commercial objective.
Our total business approach can combine multiple
use cases into one model.
  • Churn
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales
  • Customer Experience
  • Demand Forcasting

We call this "Holistic Business Measurement and Optimization".
Ready for the next step?