We use Artificial Intelligence to give you the insights you need to take your business to the next level.

AI Powered Decision Making for

AI-Powered measurement and optimization platform for your business
Gain valuable insight into your commercial activities using advanced real-time Artificial Intelligence. Enable your business to identify the best investments and allocate your resources accordingly.

Leverage knowledge into actions across multiple activities within media, events, pricing, sales channels and many more, in a browser based AI-tool.
    What you can expect
    • 10 - 20%
      Sales increase via pricing tweaks
    • 20 - 40 %
      Increase in effectiveness of Marketing
    • 10 - 25 %
      Reduce in churn rate
    Holistic view of your commercial drivers
    Quantify your activities and optimize your investment while accounting for all your drivers.
    the dynamics of a business, business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Marketing Mix Models, Artificial Intelligence
    Today it is common to use models to quantify specific aspects of a business, such as marketing investments, price sensitivity, etc., however, these are usually treated independently.

    As a result, you risk missing out on synergistic opportunities

    We focus on the ability to model ALL of your business so you can measure the impact of multiple activities that relate to your KPIs.

    For example:
    How does a price change impact my churn, new customers, and my sales?
    We are capable of quantifying and measuring the cohesive impact of your KPIs and go beyond.

    Integrate cost into your model measure its effect on the bottom line.
    No more guesswork.
    Make data-driven decisions today!
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    Results are no accidents
    We have so far delivered
    • 1700+
      Deployed models
    • 15+
      Across multiple markets
    • 4+
      Years we have been operating
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