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Sustainable Growth

Identification of actionable growth opportunities in 10+ countries across five products.
Our client, for whom sustainability has been a business priority for many years, has been working passionately to integrate climate action and sustainability across its business around the world.

The competition in the market is fierce. Trust and price are key to attracting and maintaining loyal customers. Therefore, it is crucial to always ensure the communication of relevant products at competitive prices to the right target group.

Technical challenge
Optimizing all relevant and sustainable growth levers across heterogenous markets and products is a tough challenge. It involves a lot of inter-dependent factors such as pricing, sales channels, season, macro economy, location, competitor advertising, media pressure and search engine optimization.

The causal effect of these factors cannot be measured without robust and accurate modeling that is able to separate correlations from true effects.
Our client implemented our holistic models taking the local differences between markets into account as well as the general trends they have in common.

Each country identified its unique top three growth levers that could be acted upon to create sustainable growth over the medium term. All effects taken together allowed our client to create a growth plan maximizing outcomes while minimizing wasteful spending and messaging.
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